About Us

About us

Redfield Computer Services is the only licensed & accredited computer service center serving Spink & Brown Counties.
Get your device up and running with Computer, Smartphone or tablet repairs from Redfield Computer Services in Redfield, South Dakota. From computer upgrades to repairs, every computer service can be taken care of by our expert technicians. We explain what the issues are in plain English so you know what's going on. At our shop, you may also purchase new or used computers. Contact us today to speak with or receive a visit from one of our technicians about your computer issues.

PC Repairs
At Redfield Computer Services, our years of experience in computer repair have taught us that the "Quick Fix" that is all too common in the computer repair world is rarely the right solution. We don't just address the symptom, we dig deeper to make sure we take care of the problem the first time. We've been performing Computer Repair & Service on computer systems since 2001 and we have the people, processes and resources to ensure your complete computer repair satisfaction.
Our team knows that beyond the computer repairs you want someone that you can understand that won't talk down to you. That's why our computer repair services have been ranked #1 time and time again and what makes us the trusted choice for computer repair by thousands of consumers just like you across the state.
Our computer repair technicians have the time to dedicate to each customer, making your computer repair experience unlike any computer repair experience you've had before. When you walk through the door or call one of our technicians, you'll immediately recognize the difference. Find out why we're 'a better fix' for your computer repair problem next time you have a computer repair need.
Our computer diagnostics include:
~ Spyware Scanning
~ Virus Detection 
~ Malware Detection
 ~ Hard Drive Health

New and Used Computers
Do you need a new computer? Come in and see the variety of top brands that we have to offer. Our machines come with fantastic warranties from Dell,  HP, Lenovo,  Acer, Gateway,  E-machine, Toshiba and IBM.

ATM Cleaning & Maintenance

To maintain the winning brand image your institution has worked so hard to achieve, Redfield Computer Services offers a wide range of ATM cleaning and detailing options tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our cleaning program includes complete cleaning of all external surfaces of ATM, surrounds, fascias, housings and drive-up kiosks. Our service technicians can also be equipped to perform emergency break-fix operations within short rapid response times.
Call (605) 475-2873 in Redfield, South Dakota.

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